Junior Tennis

Players Ages 11 to 18 years

A Great Way to Stay Active

Tennis helps kids have fun, get fit, make friends, gain new skills and build confidence.

With JuniorTennis, players ages 11 to 18 are graduating to regular sized tennis balls and courts but still may start with a slower ball and a shorter racquet if they are just starting out. We cater to all abilities and playing levels; from players who want to play tennis to keep fit, make new friends and have fun, to those who have aspirations of becoming the next Andy Murray or Serena Williams!

We can guide you through the many ways players can get started in the game, play and compete, so that they can have a great time with their friends.

Some great resources include:

or contact the Conway Area Tennis Association to get started.


Players can get individual or group lessons from a certified tennis instructor to help learn or develop a specific aspect of their game. Certified tennis instructors in your community are a great option to help your child on their tennis journey.

Check out some of our local tennis instructors in the Conway Area.

Play Days

Play Days are a great way for new players to learn what it is like to compete in a low-pressure environment. The CATA works with local instructors to organize Play Days for players of all ages. They usually consist of a morning or an afternoon of supervised play designed to be fun and social.

Junior Team Tennis

Players who can serve, rally, and score can compete on a team alongside friends in the following age divisions:

  • 8 & under
  • 10 & under
  • 12 & under
  • 14 & under
  • and 18 & under

Junior Team Tennis (JTT) features both coed and single gender teams. There are two tracks available-local JTT as well as a more competitive track for teams looking to compete and advance at the highest level.

For more information on this contact our local JTT Coordinator.


The CATA does not organize tournaments for this age level at this time but we hope to expand in the future. If you have a player who feels they are ready to start competing, the USTA organizes tournaments for this age group.

Check out: